Little C is 6 Months {McAllen Children’s Photographer}

It feel like it was just yesterday that I did little C’s newborn session, but it was actually 6 months ago.  I love the  6 month mark because babies are able to lay on their stomachs and push up – I think that is such a cute position, and the expressions are usually great at this age.  I’m looking forward to seeing him again, along with his brother and sister later this week for their family portraits!


From Newborn to 1 Year {McAllen Children’s Photographer}

The last time I saw this little guy was for his newborn session.  It’s unbelievably hard for me to realize that he is already one.  Seriously, where does the time go??  I’m so glad mom and dad joined in this time….thanks guys for letting me photograph your little boy again!


Another Beautiful Baby Girl {McAllen Baby Photographer}

This little girl was so tired, and so serious during our session.  Mom told me that she fell asleep as soon as she put her in her car seat!  For being tired, she sure was a good sport – such a good baby!  And of course, I don’t need to say, beautiful as well!!!  Thanks mom for letting me photograph your precious little girl!

On another note, from now through my due date in early August (and of course for the month of August for maternity leave) I will be taking VERY limited appts, if any in addition to what is already on the schedule.  June is completely booked, and I will not be taking any new appts during July unless I have already talked to you and are trying to work out dates.  If you are expecting your own little newborn and want to do a session, please email me – I always try to fit in newborn sessions if humanly possible!

And now for baby V…..


Little J at 6 Months {McAllen Baby Photographer}

Here was little J at 3 months….

Now here he is at 6 months – I just love watching my little clients grow!  Is it me, or do my little subjects have the biggest eyes in all of South Texas?  It seems like such a common theme with so many of my sessions – huge, beautiful eyes!  Lucky me I!!


And the Winner Is…

I am happy to announce that I have selected a winner for my blog contest.  I have not notified the winner yet, but I will say that the person who nomintated the winning family was Matt Kelly from McAllen.  Thanks Matt for nominating this deserving family – I can’t wait to tell them!

On another subject, I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of my girls this past weekend – they just looked so sweet cuddling together on the couch!  After I downloaded them, I realized that the ones of Molly with her bunny – “Snuggly” were exactly like some I had taken of her back in May.  Funny how much they change physically in 9 months, but their mannerisms stay the same.