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Eleven Eleven Commercial Photography

Texas Aggie Senior

I just love photographing this age….especially beautiful, confident, high school/collage kids.  This senior made it easy to capture some beautiful images…her eyes are amazing!  Thanks M – it was an honor to do your senior pictures! Luckily, little brother was visiting from Dallas, and had just come off the golf course, so we were able […]

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valerie - January 6, 2011 - 1:44 am

hello my name is valerie i am 17 and i have been considering modeling but im not sure on how to begin. if you could please hepl me out i really want to mosel but i dont know where to go

Back To Work

I’m back in town and ready to get back to work!  Here are a few from a session that I did before I left for vacation – hope mom and daughter like these as much as I do!  It’s hard to go wrong with a girl this beautiful! Love the puppy as well!!

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Special at Elizabeth & Company in McAllen

From now through the end of March, visit Elizabeth & Co in MCALLEN and pick up a card good for a $75.00 print credit towards your next session with me.  Sessions must be scheduled, and session fee paid before March 31, and your session must take place before May 15th. Please present card when scheduling, […]

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Eleven Eleven Commerical Work

As most of you know, my partner and I have formed Eleven Eleven Commercial Photography.  We specialize in website images, advertisement photographs, and landscape/architecture photography. Here are some samples from our most recent commercial product shoot for Elizabeth & Company in McAllen.  For those of you who are not familiar with her store, she has […]

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dorothy kumpe - November 11, 2010 - 12:35 pm

hi, my name is dorothy kumpe and i along with my nephews parents are interested in maybe using their son for advertisements. we dont really know how to go about this or how to qualify, but if you could get back to me on this that would be great. Thanks, Dorothy

Eleven Eleven Commercial Photography

My business partner, Rafael Sepulveda, and I are excited to announce the launch of our new company and it’s website, We will be providing commercial photography in the MCALLEN area, as well as the rest of the Rio Grande Valley.  We specialize in lifestyle photography, but will be providing services such as:  building/architecture photography, […]

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