Natural, True…Real {McAllen Texas Children’s Photographer}

These are words that I would like people to use when describing me personally, but especially when describing my style of photography.  If you have followed my work, you know that I prefer children to be real, natural, and to capture their true selves.  This is especially true when I photograph siblings, families, or groups of any kind.  I know MY kids are not perfect, so capturing that perfect image of them is not  my number one priority.   Don’t get me wrong, I try hard to get at least one or two great “perfect” shots of them each year…all three of them close together, looking at the camera, in cute, color coordinating clothes, hopefully smiling….But for the most part, my favorite ones of them are the ones that show their true personalities, and especially their true relationships.

I WANT to capture the imperfect…the funny interactions, the quirkiness, the expressions, the bruised knees, the missing teeth, and most of all, the pure beauty!!!  My goal is to freeze time, and to emphasize all that makes YOUR child who he or she is….even the imperfect….

So if you schedule a session with me, please know that imperfect is just fine with me…what’s important is that I will capture your child, or family as they are….real, true, and natural…

And now here is a perfect example of one of my favorite recent images of my 3 girls!!!  Now THIS is REAL!!!


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