Just For Me! {McAllen Children’s Photographer}

Sometimes I just have to shoot for myself!  During a session for a client, I feel like I shoot about 80% for my clients, and about 20% for myself (if I had to guess).  I always want to make sure that I capture what clients have in mind when the choose me as their photographer, but in all honesty, usually the best shots come when we are least expecting it.  I have to be ready every second of a shoot, because I never know when that opportunity will come to capture that perfect expression, or that candid shot that no amount of posing could ever achieve. That’s what I LOVE about photographing kids….the complete spontaneity of every session!

Last weekend, I saw that the mirror from the bathroom that we’re remodeling had been removed and was sitting out in our driveway.  I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera and playing…this “shoot” was 100% for myself!!!  I absolutely love my little 2 year old’s chub, and I love seeing her little body with the fall leaves and the sky in the background.  One of these WILL be hanging very large somewhere in my house soon!  Thought I’d share!!!


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