Life is Crazy!!! {McAllen Children’s Photographer}

Life is busy. Scratch that….life is CRAZY!!!  At least for me its, and I know it is for all of you parents out there.  No matter how old your kids are….babies and preschool age where they need mommy and daddy for everything….tweens and teens where they are trying to break away, developing their own opinions and personalities, and trying to establish who they are and a social life of their own (but still need mom and dad for almost everything!) or high school (especially seniors) where they need money ALL the time!

No matter what the age of your kids, the common theme I hear from my clients across the board is how crazy busy they are!  Between all of the things that you “have” to do – school projects, extra curricular activities, housework, career, birthday parties, and your own social life, it’s easy to place “professional photography session” at the bottom of the list.  As a mom of three little girls (youngest 9 months), and a children’s photographer, I can completely understand how the documentation of daily life tends to get pushed aside.  I am the guiltiest of all when it comes to this.  I’m always behind in my editing of client sessions, and I can’t even bear the thought of adding an extra editing time to my schedule.  The result ends up being that even if I do take the time to photograph my own kids, the images sit on my computer for at least a year!!!  Meanwhile, my little ones are growing up before my eyes!

Don’t let this happen to you!  Don’t miss out the milestones in your children’s lives, but also don’t miss out on capturing  those everyday moments.  I think that is why my my photography style is the way it is – candid, natural, unposed and most of all, fun.   I want to see, and capture images of kids doing what they really do…..  I love to capture real smiles, happiness, and relationships.  These are the images that I most cherish of my little girls.

Here are few of my girls that I have taken over the past year….moments that I just happen to be walking by and loved the moment.  Luckily, my camera is usually sort of close by, so I was able to grab it and snap these.  They’re not perfectly set up, and maybe they’re not my best “work” but I love these.  When I do real sessions for clients, these are the moments that I aim to capture.

This was taken after Katie’s 1st day of school this past fall…as you can see, not only did mommy miss her, but little sisters did as well!

I vow, first of all to spend a little more time with my girls this summer…..I vow to slow down a little bit & enjoy some pool and beach time with my family…..and most of all, I vow to capture many many more moments of my own beautiful girls and actually edit and print the images right away.  What do you vow to do???

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