Month: March 2010

As I was doing the full edit for this session (blog post below) I came across this one.  I thought it was pretty funny...she was OVER this session by this time.  It was one of the very last, if not the last shot of the day.  Here you go mom, I know that you love the funny ones that really show their personalities!

If you follow my blog, you have seen these adorable twins "grow up" before your eyes!  I have had the honor of following these two and photographing them every 3 months of their lives since they were only days old.  Thank you mom for allowing me to be part of your little ones' lives, and I look forward to being part of many future milestones!!!  Happy Birthday S and D!!!

The last time I photographed this little beauty was for her 1 year she's 2!  Mom reminded me that we had a hard time getting her to stay still for 2 seconds back then, and this year wasn't any different.  Everyone always asks me what the hardest age to photograph is, and I would definitely say between 1 and 2 1/2.  Even though she was a blur for most of the session, I love the re...

Every year, these two come down to MCALLEN to visit, and I get to do a session with them.  Last year was the only time that it didn't work out, because when they were here, I was having a baby!  I think the last session we did was at the beach, and I LOVED those!  I was so glad to see them again, they are such great little models.  Hope mom loves these!!