Brother and Sister {McAllen Children’s Photographer}

Because I have so many clients that are repeats, I am fortunate enough to watch lots and lots of babies and kids grow and change over the years.  The great thing about photographing families and kids from year to year (in some cases every few months),  is that not only do I get to watch them grow up, but I really get to know them, and their personalities, which really helps during our sessions.  That personal relationship that I have with my clients is part of what makes a regular session great, because I feel like I really know their personalities, their expressions, and what their moms and dads love about their kids.

Lately, I’ve had a lot of new clients schedule sessions.  This brother and sister is one of those sessions, but you would never know that they hadn’t worked with me before!  They knew exactly what to do, and what I wanted from them.  They were so cute and cooperative that I felt like they were one of those families that I had photographing for years.  Hopefully I will get see these great kids grow up as well!!!  Mom, I hope this what you were hoping for!


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