Sometimes You Just Know

I honestly love every session that I do. Even the hard ones…the newborns who won’t stay asleep, the 9 month olds who never stop crawling, the 1 year olds who never stop walking, the 2 year olds who never stop RUNNING. I really love them all. I leave every session confident, knowing that I got what I needed to get, and hoping that I got what I wanted to get. I know that the moms are never as confident as I am when we end a session, but that’s ok, because I am.

But this was rare session, where I left just knowing that the end results would be great. For some reason, I just knew. These kids and their eyes… wow! Enjoy your sneak peek mom.

On another note, for those who have not heard, I am having my grand opening tonight. I am so excited that this day has finally come. I hope that anyone who is in town will stop by to see the gallery, and celebrate with me and my family! It is coinciding with McAllen’s Artwalk, and it should be an all around fun night. Come out to enjoy the pretty weather, and stop by for a visit and a glass of wine!

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