Monthly Archives: October 2008

My Blog Is Back!!!

I am so happy to have my blog back!! If you are wondering why my website is not working, it is temporarily going to be down for a few days. Since I do most of my scheduling through my online calendar, I’m asking clients to email me it they would like to check availability. Please […]

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Sometimes You Just Know

I honestly love every session that I do. Even the hard ones…the newborns who won’t stay asleep, the 9 month olds who never stop crawling, the 1 year olds who never stop walking, the 2 year olds who never stop RUNNING. I really love them all. I leave every session confident, knowing that I got […]

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Little Beauty

Here’s another beautiful little girl. See for yourself. Happy Birthday H! Hope you get your Chihuahua and have a great party!

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