Month: October 2008

My Site is Back!!!

I'm so happy to announce that my website is finally back up and running!!! I've had so many people email me wondering where it has been, and now it's back! My new website address is If you are planning on scheduling a session for holiday cards, please do so soon.  There are very few dates available, and they are going very fast.  Please ch...

Nice Suprise

I had a great surprise when I walked into my studio this morning - my best friend Lisa, who lives in Salt Lake City, sent me flowers and a note congratulating me on the opening of my studio!  The flowers are beautiful Lisa, and thanks for always being so thoughtful!  I wish you could have been there as well! Here are a few of my new favorites from our last weekend at the beach - probably for...

Almost 6

Here's another one of my regulars - I've been doing Mr. N's pictures since his 2nd (I think that's right) birthday and now 6 is in the very near future for him!  Doesn't he have the best smile?  I love when I get real, natural smiles out of kids - mom did a GREAT job of jumping around behind me!  Don't worry mom, there will be TONS to choose from!

Here's another one of my favorite families -  haven't photographed them since last Christmas season - boy little C sure has grown.   I was grateful that older brother and sister were so easy to work with because he was on the go the whole time!   Mom, here's your sneak peek - hope you love them!

One Last Beach Session

Now that I finally have my blog back, I can catch up on posting all of the sessions that I wasn't able to post last week. I can't tell you how happy I am to be back online! Here is a family (one that many of you will recognize) that I've been photographing forever. They might be one of my first regular families, and I've seen these great kids grow from babies to little people. I've had be...