Month: September 2008

Day One of Beach Sessions

You will probably recognize these kids from several other posts, but this is the first time I've done a session with mom and dad as well. We had a fun session, then dinner afterwards - the perfect start to a beach weekend!

Second Day of Beach Sessions

These are from my Saturday family beach session.   We were definitely lucky to miss the trash that washed ashore overnight and littered the beach on Sunday. I love playing around with different techniques to create different looks with certain images - I really like the vintage look that these last ones have.

Sunday at the Beach

After having two beach sessions this past weekend at South Padre (one on Friday evening, and one on Sat evening) we took the girls to the beach for the day on Sunday. This is what we found! This is the exact same section of beach as the pictures in the above posts! I was shocked at the amount of trash that washed up overnight!! There is no way we could have done the sessions there on Sunday...


You might recognize these kids from a post a couple of months back - well now they a have a new addition to their family! This is the first newborn girl that I have had in a long time - I've had a string of newborn boys in the last few months - how precious is she?

Sweet Baby Boy

This baby boy is the sweetest baby!  He was so quiet and serious throughout our whole session.  He cried once for maybe 5 seconds, and then went back to calm and content.  I had such a hard time choosing which ones to post from the baby/mom and baby/dad images.  Mom, hope you love these!